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Shahjahanpur District Uttar Pradesh

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Geography of Shahjahanpur

Geography of Shahjahanpur

District Shahjahanpur is situated in South East of Rohilkhand Division. It was established in 1813.Before its creation it was a part of district Bareilly. Geographically, it is situated at 27.35 N Latitude and 79.37 E longitude. Adjoining districts of the Shahjahanpur are Lakhimpur Khiri, Hardoi, Farrukhabad, Bareilly, Budaun & Pilibhit.Geographical Area of it is 4575 Sq. Kilometer.This is a Agriculture based District of Uttar Pradesh.Ramganga, Garrah & Gomti are the main rivers of district.Kathana, Jhukma & Mensiare are the attached rivers of Gomti. Garrah is the main river. Khannaut, Suketa and Kai are the attached rivers of Garrah.Flood - mostly effects Jalalabad Tehsil.Major crops of the district are Wheat, Gram, Millet & Potato. It Consists of 4 Tehsils, 15 Blocks, 922 Gram Panchayats, 1 Constituency and 6 Assembly Area.

Major Industries

District Shahjahanpur is mainly famous for Kribhco Shyam Fertilizers Limited which produces 1.2 Million tons of Nitrogenous Fertilizer "Urea" and other industries like paper mill,K.R. Pulp & Papers Ltd has the capacity to produce 400 tonnes per day. It the largest paper manufacturing plant in Uttar Pradesh. Sugar Mills Industries. There are many small sugar mills in shahjahanpur area. Apart from sugar mills, there are some other famous industries also. Rosa Thermal Power Plant known as Reliance Thermal Power Plant having the capacity of 1200 MW (4X300 MW) is situated in Rosa. Ordinance Clothing factory (one of the factories of Ordnance Factory Board, Ministry of defense) is located in the cant area of Shahjahanpur city. This is the most famous industry in the city. Other industries are Mcdonald Wine Factory, Dalmia Sugar mill, Roza Sugar Mill.
Carpet and Dhurry weaving is traditional cottage industry. Weavers follow traditional designs from Persia, Afghanistan and Turkey with their own stamp / style on it. Shahjhanpur produces mainly low cost woollen carpets on Handlooms. Unfortunately due to lack of support from the government and changing fashion trends the industry is on decline.

Transport -

Shahjahanpur district is on National Highway No. 24, which connects New Delhi and the state capital, Lucknow. Twenty-four hour conveyance is available for New Delhi and Lucknow. Shahjahanpur Railway Station is on the main Lucknow-Moradabad main line Jammu Tawi-Howrah rail route. It is an important station between Bareilly and Lucknow. Almost each and every train stops on this station. There are a number of trains that pass through Shahjahanpur. The nea-est airport is Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport in Amausi (Lucknow), at a distance of 180 km. Shahjahanpur is 335 km from New Delhi. Howrah railway station has the longest distance which is 1148;km from here.

Best Season in Shahjahanpur

The best season to visit Shahjahanpur is the winter season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for visiting the monuments and other places of interest in Shahjahanpur. The best months to visit are October, November, December, February and March.

Summer Season in Shahjahanpur
The month of April marks the start of summers in Shahjahanpur and it lasts till June. Temperature ranges between 22°C to 40°C during these months.

Monsoon Season in Shahjahanpur
Shahjahanpur experiences the monsoon season from July till October. The city remains drenched during these months.

Winter Season in Shahjahanpur
Winters in Shahjahanpur start in the month of November and last till February. The weather is pleasant during these months and the temperature ranges between a comfortable 11°C to 23°C. This is the apt time for visiting the city.

Culture of Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Cuisine of Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Places of interest in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Tulsi Math, Shahjahanpur, Shahjahanpur -

Located in close vicinity with the Alakhnath Temple, Tulsi Math is 85 Kms from the city. It is believed to be the abode of Tulsidas, the renowned author of Ramcharitmanas. As per a legend, Tulsidas is often considered to be the reincarnation of the author of Ramayana, Shri Valmiki.

Alakhnath Temple, Shahjahanpur, Shahjahanpur -

At just 82 Kms, the temple is believed as the prime point of Naga Sanyasins concerned with the Anand Akhara order. The temple houses several idols of Gods and Goddesses. The Naga Sanyasins are a distinctive assembly of Shiva devotees and Alakhnath Temple is one of the four Nath (Shiva) temples located in four places of Bareilly.

Chunne Miyan's Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Shahjahanpur, Shahjahanpur -

Located in Koharapeer in the Katra Maanrai, this temple is around 82 Kms from the main city and is related with the Hindu emigrants from Pakistan who settled in Bareilly in the year 1947. These emigrants started building this temple but the owner of the main land was Fazal-ul-Rahman, who was well known as 'Chunne Miyan'.

Notable People in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Ram Prasad Bismil (Freedom Fighter)
Ashfaqulla Khan (Freedom Fighter)
Thakur Roshan Singh (Freedom Fighter)
Prem Krishna Khanna (Freedom Fighter)
Hridayesh (Novelist)
Krant M. L. Verma (Poet, Writer & Historian)
Rajpal Yadav (Bollywood Actor)
Jitin Prasada (Indian Politician, son of Jitendra Prasad)

Events in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh


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