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Pratapgarh District Uttar Pradesh

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Geography of Pratapgarh

Geography of Pratapgarh

Pratapgarh district has risen in ranks as the top producer of Aonla fruit. It is a multi-purpose fruit, is extremely rich in vitamin C, helps cure gastro-intestinal disorders, is said to encourage youth and liveliness and is exported all over india and possibly over world in form of sweets and medicines. Pratapgarh on the Allahabad-Faizabad main road at a distance of 39 km from Sultanpur and 61 Km from Allahabad. It is one of the older districts of Uttar Pradesh, that came into existence in the year 1858. It is at a height of 137 Mt. from sea level.

Location and Boundaries : The District lies between the paralleles of 25.34' and 26.11' north latitude and between the meridians of 81.19' and 82.27' east longitude extending for some 110 km. from west to east. It is bounded on the north by district Sultanpur,on the south by district Allahabad,on the east by district Jaunpur and on the west by Fatehpur and north-east by district Rae Bareli. In the south-west the Ganga forms the boundary of the district for about 50 km. Separating it from Fatehpur and Allhabad and in the extreme north-east the Gomti forms the boundary for about 6 km.

Area Covered : According to The Central Statistical Organization the district has an area of 3,730 sq. km.

Culture of Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh


Languages spoken by the denizens of the district include Awadhi, a longue in the Hindi continuum spoken by over 38 million people, mainly in the Awadh region.Swami Karpatri Maharaj Great Sant.

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