Science and Technology Department of Uttar Pradesh

विज�?ञान और प�?रौद�?योगिकी विभाग, उत�?तर प�?रदेश सरकार

विज�?ञान और प�?रौद�?योगिकी विभाग, उत�?तर प�?रदेश सरकार का परिचय

(Introduction of Science and Technology Department)

The Uttar Pradesh Council on Science & Technology promotes Scientific Research and other Scientific Services in the state. It is an autonomous organization located at Mauryalok Complex, Patna. The Planetarium at Patna is an example of several successful exercises of BCST. Apart from various ongoing schemes, a Bio-Technology Application Centre (Commercial Tissue Culture Laboratory) is also being set up at Patna with the assistance of Department of Bio-Technology, Govt. of India. The proposed laboratory will facilitate production of various types of plants which are available in the state and then by modifying their properties so as bring an improvement, it will be made available in the areas of agriculture, dairy, horticulture, etc.