Road Construction Department of Uttar Pradesh

सड़क निर्माण विभाग, उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार

सड़क निर्माण विभाग, उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार का परिचय

(Introduction of Road Construction Department)

The Road infrastructure of the state is divided basically into the

following three categories.

1. National Highway

2. State Highways & Major District Roads.

3. Rural Roads & Minor District Roads.

National Highways are the primary system of roads. Similarly State Highways, Major districts roads and other roads provide secondary system and the Rural Roads and Minor District Roads provide tertiary system. The National Highways are the property of the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India that are maintained by funding from Govt. of India by the Road Construction Department as its "Agency". The State Highways, Major District Roads and other roads known as "PWD Roads" are the property of Road Construction Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh . These roads are maintained and upgraded by Road Construction Department, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh primarily through funding from State Budget. The other sources of funding are central assistance or other schemes like state's share in Central Road Fund/aid from multilateral funding agencies etc.

Main Objectives
Planning and designing road network to provide optimized connectivity to rural and urban areas.
To achieve goal of socio-economic development through proper management of road communication.
Construction, Upgradation and Maintenance of roads and bridges.