Minority Welfare Department of Uttar Pradesh

अल�?पसंख�?यक कल�?याण विभाग, उत�?तर प�?रदेश सरकार

अल�?पसंख�?यक कल�?याण विभाग, उत�?तर प�?रदेश सरकार का परिचय

(Introduction of Minority Welfare Department)

The economic growth and development of a country depends on the integrated equitable development of all its citizens. This Government being well aware of the fact, has always been the forerunner in protecting the legal rights of the minority communities on par with the majority and in ensuring their share in education, employment and economic benefits. This department was formed in 1991 and the post of Secretary was created only in 1999.

Institutions/Corporations under the Administrative control

  1. Uttar Pradesh State Minority Commission
  2. Uttar Pradesh State 15-Point Programme
  3. Uttar Pradesh State Sunni Wakf Board
  4. Uttar Pradesh State Shia Waqf Board
  5. Uttar Pradesh State Urdu Academy
  6. Uttar Pradesh State Minority Financial Corporation
  7. Uttar Pradesh State Haj Committee