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Deoria District, Uttar Pradesh

Geography of Deoria, Uttar Pradesh

Deoria district is located between 26 ° 6' north and 27° 8' to 83° 29' east and 84° 26' east longitude out of which district Kushinagar was created in 1994 by taking north & east portion of Deoria district . District deoria is surrounded by district kushinagar in North, district Gopalganj & Siwan(Bihar state) in East , district Mau & district Ballia in south and district Gorakhpur in West . Deoria district headquarter is situated at 53 km. milestone from Gorakhpur by road towards east . Ghaghara , Rapti & Chhoti Gandak are the main rivers in this district . Deoria District came into existence at March 16' 1946 from Gorakhpur district . The name DEORIA is derived from 'Devaranya' or probably 'Devpuria' as believed . According to official gazzettes , the district name 'deoria' is taken by its headquarter name 'Deoria' and the term ' DEORIA' generally means a place where there are temples . The name ' DEORIA' originated by a fossil( broken) Shiva Temple by the side of 'kurna river' in its northside.

. Ghaghara, Rapti & Chhoti Gandak are the main rivers in Deoria district. Besides these, Gorra , Bathua , Kurna ,Majhne ,Nakta are small river/nala which originate from above mentioned rivers. Climate of the district is 'SAMSITOSN' .May & June are hot and December & January months of the year are cold. Soil of different types is found in the district. Domat , Bhat , Matiyar & Balui Domat is found commonly. Productive & densely populated this district of Uttar Pradesh is situated at the north-east end of the state. Currently,Deoria district has five tehsils namely Deoria sadar , Salempur , Rudrapur , Berhaj & Bhatparrani.

According to the 2011 census Deoria district has a population of 3,098,637, roughly equal to the nation of Mongolia or the US state of Iowa.This gives it a ranking of 114th in India (out of a total of 640). The district has a population density of 1,220 inhabitants per square kilometre (3,200 /sq mi) . Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 14.23%. Deoria has a sex ratio of 1013 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 73.53%.


Culture of Deoria, Uttar Pradesh

Vernaculars spoken in Deoria include Bhojpuri, a language in the Bengali group with almost 40 000 000 speakers, written in both the Devanagari and Kaithi scripts

Cuisine of Deoria, Uttar Pradesh

Places of interest in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh

SHAHID SMARAK - RAMLILA MAIDAN , DEORIA - RAMLILALA MAIDAN of Deoria is one of the freedom-fight places where a student of class 8th of Basantpur- dhoosi ,RamChandra Vidrarthi, was shot dead on Aug'14' 1942 during freedom- fight struggle.

HANUMAN MANDIR ,DEORIA-- Hanuman Mandir is located at RaghavNagar,Deoria & is one of the 'siddh' places of Deoria.A large no. of followers can be seen on each Tuesday.

SOMNATH MANDIR,DEORIA-- A 'Shiv Mandir' located at kasia road,north of railway line,Deoria

DEORAHI MANDIR,DEORIA-- A 'Durga Mandir' located located at kasia road,near SOMNATH MANDIR,Deoria.

DUGDHESWARNATH MANDIR, RUDRAPUR-- Dugdheswar Mandir is on the main pilgrim's of the north-east.It is one of the old historical 'Shiv ' temples situated at approx. 2 km. north of Rudrapur town.

DIRGHESWAR MANDIR,MAJOULIRAJ -- An old historical 'Shiv Mandir' situated at Majouliraj town is called to be worship place of 'Guru Dronacharya' of Mahabharat.

PARSHURAM DHAM, SOHNAG -- A place of cultural & historical importance 'ParashuramDham' where lord PARSHU- RAM of Ramayan were living & worshiping.

Educational facilities in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh  -

Degree colleges in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh  -

Baba Raaghav Das PG College (Purwan, Deoria-Gorakhpur road)
Baba Raaghavdas Bhagwandas PG College (Aashram Barhaj Deoria)
Sat Vinova PG College (New Colony)
Mahila Post Graduate College (Raghav Nagar, Hanuman Mandir Road)
Mahara Agrasen college of commerce(bans Deoria)
S.S.Wilayt Husain Degree College, Sitapatti, Banjaria, Deoria.
Technical institutes[edit]
R.N.College of Engineering & management (salempur,Deoria)
ITI Deoria (Salempur Road)
Government polytechnic college Deoria (Gorakhpur road)
Divine ambition computer institute(new colony)

Schools in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh  -

Shahid Madhuban Karamad Inter College Khoribari Rampur Deoria Uttar Pradesh
Matrix School of Learning (MSL), Deewadhar, Pipara Rohiniya, Lar Road, Salempur, Deoria - 274505
UP Public Intermediate College,Ram Nath,Deoria
St.Paul Public School,Salempur,Deoria
Candid city School,Bhujauli,Deoria khas,
B.N.Public School,Banzaria Bajar, Deoria
Baba Raaghav Das Intermediate College
Central Academy, Jail Road
D.L.S. High School
D.P. Inter College
Deoria Senior Secondary School
Government Intermediate College
Habib Seakh High School
Heritage Public School & Classes
Ishara Public English Medium School
Jeevan Marg Sophia Secondary
Kalind Vihar Intermediate College
Kasturba Girls Intermediate College
Kendriya Vidyalay I T I Campus Barhaj Road
Life line public school
Little Flower School
Maharaja Agrasen Girls Intermediate College
Maharaja Agrasen Intermediate College
Modern City Montessoy Intermediate College
Navjeean Mission School
P.N. Academy
Udai Academy,Rudrapur,Deoria
Prem Jagriti Vidyapeeth,Skool
Pt. Deen Dayal intermediate college
R.D.Convent School
S.M.S. Rashtriya Intermediate,
Sant Pushpa High School
Saraswati Vidya Mandir
SSBL Intermediate College
Surya Convent Academy
Sunbeam school ,deoria salempur road
Prestige Tutorial Intermediate College
Vijay Shree Gyansthali
Vishnu Purva Madhyamik Vidya Mandir
J P Mittal Academy
Krishak Intermediate College
Mariyam Carmel School, Gorakhpur Road,Deoria
Baba Siyaram Das Intermediate College Malahchak Majhauli Raj Deoria

Libraries in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh  -

Town Hall Library
Naagiri Pracharini
GIC Library
District Library
Deo educational Library

Events in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh

National Record 2012

Most comprehensive state website

Bihar became the first state in India to have separate web page for every city and village in the state on its website www.brandbihar.com (Now www.brandbharat.com)

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