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Budaun District, Uttar Pradesh

Geography of Budaun, Uttar Pradesh

Badaun is a historical city in Uttar Pradesh, India. Geographically BUDAUN City is located near Holy River GANGA (गंगा), at Lattitude 28 Degree 02 Minute 30 Second East & Longitude 79 Degree 01 Minute 20 Second North on Globe. Length of District is 144 Km. & Width is 60 Km. And Total area of District is 5168 Sq. Km. Budaun City is 235 Km. From Delhi & 311 Km. From Lucknow. Budaun has average elevation of 169 metres (554 feet).

Bareilly 42 km (SH33) Moradabad 102 km (SH43) Farrukhabad 107 km (SH43) Mathura 165 km (SH33) Agra 175 km (SH33A) Bharatpur 195 km (SH33) Jaipur 398 km (SH33) Ajmer 532 km (SH33) New Delhi 220 km (SH18, Badaun-Delhi Highway) Lucknow 298 km (Badaun-Shahjahanpur Road) Meerut 200 km (SH51, Badaun-Meerut Highway.

The district comprises six tehsils: Budaun, Bisauli, Bilsi, Dataganj, Gunnaur and Sahaswan. There are seven Vidhan Sabha constituencies in this district: Gunnaur, Bisauli, Sahaswan, Bilsi, Budaun, Shekhupur and Dataganj. While Shekhupur and Dataganj are part of Aonla Lok Sabha constituency, rest are part of Budaun Lok Sabha constituency.

As per provisional data of the 2011 census, Budaun had a population of 369,221, out of which males were 183,475 and females were 175,746. The literacy rate was 83.0%. Budaun City has 51% Hindus concentrated mainly in the Civil Lines area, New City and outer areas, whereas 46% of the total population are Muslims found mainly in Old City and Nai Basti areas. Remaining are Sikhs and Christians.


Transportation in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh

Roadways -
Budaun city acts as a junction for many national roads, which make the city one of the most important of the western UP. SH33 (Bharatpur-Mathura-Bareilly) and SH43 (Moradabad-Farrukhabad) pass through Budaun, It is also the terminal point of SH18 (to Meerut) and SH51 (to Delhi). Budaun Depot, with 110 buses is one of the most profitable depots of UPSRTC. Two new highways would be soon connected to Budaun city, first will connect Budaun to Etawah through Qadar Chowk, Etah and Mainpuri and the second one would connect Budaun to Shahjahanpur through Dataganj. After construction of these two roads in coming 2 years, Budaun will be an important road junction of the Western UP.
Roadways buses are available 24x7 from BADAUN to DELHI & vice-versa.

Railways -
Budaun lies on the Mathura-Lalkuan railway line which is meter gauge yet till Kasganj. The work is under process to make it Broad gauge since 1996, but it is now going to complete till Dec 2013, another rail line is proposed connecting Gajraula to Mainpuri through Budaun City, which would make Budaun a junction.

InterCity -
Classical rickshaws serve the city for all the day. However, you may find autos on specified points run to a limited distance (10–20 km generally). Main routes for auto rikshas and light vehicle are towards Dataganz, Aonla and Ujhani. Budaun is one of the less polluted cities of UP because of a lot use of AutoGas (LPG). In fact Budaun is one of the rare cities having AutoGas on petrol pumps. Many the vehicles of the city are LPG workable.

Agriculture in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh -
Major agricultural products are wheat, paddy, sugarcane, guava and menthol. Budaun is the largest producer of wheat in UP, II largest of sugarcane and potatoes. It is the leading producer of menthol in the country. The soil is very fertile due to tarai, because Badaun is on the bank of the Ganges; the Ganges flows 110 km in the district. In the account of agriculture, guava and menthol are the major exporting products. Budaun gives 40% of total mentol export of India.

Industriesin Budaun, Uttar Pradesh -
Budaun City has many small scale industries and a few big ones:
Detergent Industries at Naushera
Sugar mill at shekupur
Rice Mills
Tata Chemical's Fertilizer plant is situated in Babrala, Budaun
Many Brick Kilns
Beedi factories at Naushera
Menthol Producing Plants On outer SH43
Match factories,
Welga Chips Limited and a few others.
Many automobiles parts are manufactured in Budaun.
Madhav group of industry is situated in Dehgawan, Budaun

Culture of Budaun, Uttar Pradesh

Cuisine of Budaun, Uttar Pradesh

Places of interest in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh

Jama Masjid - Built in 1223 A.D. by Illtumish.
Birua Bari Mandir, Shayam nagar.
An immense Badaun fort (Nawab Ikhlas khan ka Makbaraa) in Jawaharpuri. It is known as Roza
Hazrat Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya's house in Syedwada where he was born.
Choti Ziyarat. It is the monument of Hazrat Badrauddin Rahmatullah Alhay.
Badi Ziyarat (It is a Dargah 'mazar sariff' of Wali of Allah, Hazrat Sultan Arfiin Rahamtullah)
Banno Buwa Ziyarat (It is a Dargah 'mazar sariff' of Maa Banno Bua)
The palace of ohia, built by the royal family of sahaspur bilari in 1812.
Remains of Sheikhupur Fort, Sheikhupur, Badaun
Mumtaz Mahal's sister's mausoleum, Sheikhupur, Badaun
Emperor Jahangir's foster son's mausoleum Sheikhupur, Badaun
Khukari village near dataganj 100 km from bareilly
Farshori tola
Ruins of many mughal monuments
Sarsota in Sahaswan
Kothiwal temple

Events in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh

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