Rig Veda

Mandal - 8 (Part - 8)

HYMN 96 Indra


As, Sakra, thou with Manu called Vivasvan drankest Soma juice,
As, Indra, thou didst love the hymn by Trita's side, so dost thou joy with Ayu now.


As thou with Matarisvan, Medhya, Prsadhra, hast cheered thee Indra, with pressed juice,
Drunk Soma with Rjunas, Syumarasmi, by Dasonya's Dasasipra's side.


'Tis he who made the lauds his own and boldly drank the Soma juice,
He to whom Visnu came striding his three wide steps, as Mitra's statutes ordered it.


In whose laud thou didst joy, Indra, at the great deed, O Satakratu, Mighty One!
Seeking renown we call thee as the milkers call the cow who yields abundant milk.


He is our Sire who gives to us, Great, Mighty, ruling as he wills.
Unsought, may he the Strong, Rich, Lord of ample wealth, give us of horses and of kine.


He to whom thou, Good Lord, givest that he may give increases wealth that nourishes.
Eager for wealth we call on Indra, Lord of wealth, on Satakratu with our lauds.


Never art thou neglectful: thou guardest both races with thy care.
The call on Indra, fourth Aditya! is thine own. Amrta is stablished in the heavens.


The offercr whom thou, Indra, Lover of the Song, liberal Maghavan, favourest,-
As at the call of Kanva so, O gracious Lord, hear, thou our songs and eulogy.


Sung is the song of ancient time: to Indra have ye said the prayer.
They have sung many a Brhati of sacrifice, poured forth the worshipper's many thoughts.


Indra hath tossed together mighty stores of wealth, and both the worlds, yea, and the Sun.
Pure, brightly-shining, mingled with the milk, the draughts of Soma have made Indra glad.