Rig Veda

Mandal - 8 (Part - 8)

HYMN 63 Agni


EXERTING all our strength with thoughts of power we glorify in speech
Agni your dear familiar Friend, the darling Guest in every home.


Whom, served with sacrificial oil like Mitra, men presenting gifts
Eulogize with their songs of praise


Much-lauded Jatavedas, him who bears oblations up to heaven
Prepared in service of the Gods.


To noblest Agni, Friend of man, best Vrtra-slayer, are we come,
Him in whose presence Rksa's son, mighty Srutarvan, waxes great;


To deathless Jatavedas, meet for praise, adored, with sacred oil,
Visible through the gloom o:f night


Even Agni whom these priestly men worship with sacrificial gifts,
With lifted ladles offering them.


O Agni, this our newest hymn hath been addressed from us to thee,
O cheerful Guest, well-born, most wise, worker of wonders, ne'er deceived.


Agni, may it be dear to thee, most grateful, and exceeding sweet:
Grow mightier, eulogized therewith.


Splendid with splendours may it be, and in the battle with the foe
Add loftier glory to thy fame.


Steed, cow, a lord of heroes, bright like Indra, who shall fill the car.
Whose high renown ye celebrate, and people praise each glorious deed.


Thou whom Gopavana made glad with song, O Agni Angiras,
Hear this my call, thou Holy One.


Thou whom the priestly folk implore to aid the gathering of the spoil,
Such be thou in the fight with foes.


I, called to him who reels with joy, Srutarvan, Rksa's son, shall stroke
The heads of four presented steeds, like the long wool of fleecy rams.


Four coursers with a splendid car, Savistha's horses, fleet of foot,
Shall bring me to the sacred feast, as flying steeds brought Tugra's son.


The very truth do I declare to thee, Parusni, mighty flood.
Waters! no man is there who gives more horses than Savistha gives.