Rig Veda

Mandal - 8 (Part - 8)

HYMN 40 Indra-Agni


INDRA and Agni, surely ye as Conquerors will give us wealth,
Whereby in fight we may o'ercome that which is strong and firmly fixed, as Agni burns the woods with wind. Let all the others die away.


We set no snares to tangle you; Indra we worship and adore, Hero of heroes mightiest.
Once may he come unto us with his Steed, come unto us to win us strength, and to complete the sacrifice.


For, famous Indra-Agni, ye are dwellers in the midst of frays.
Sages in wisdom, ye are knit to him who seeketh you as friends. Heroes, bestow on him his wish.


Nabhaka-like, with sacred song Indra's and Agni's praise I sing,
Theirs to whom all this world belongs, this heaven and this mighty earth which bear rich treasure in their lap.


To Indra and to Agni send your prayers, as was Nabhaka's wont,-
Who oped with sideway opening the sea with its foundations seven-Indra all powerful in his might.


Tear thou asunder, as of old, like tangles of a creeping plant,
Demolish thou the Dasa's might. May we with Indra's help divide the treasure he hath gathered up.


What time with this same song these men call Indra-Agni sundry ways,
May we with our own heroes quell those who provoke us to the fight, and conquer those who strive with us.


The Two refulgent with their beams rise and come downward from the sky.
By Indra's and by Agni's hest, flowing away, the rivers, run which they released from their restraint.


O Indra, many are thine aids, many thy ways of guiding us,
Lord of the Bay Steeds, Hinva's Son. To a Good Hero come our prayers, which soon shall have


Inspire him with your holy hymns, the Hero bright and glorious,
Him who with might demolisbeth even the brood of Susna, and winneth for us the heavenly streams.


Inspire him worshipped with fair rites, the glorious Hero truly brave.
He brake in pieces Susna's brood who still expected not the stroke, and won for us the heavenly
streams. Let all the others die away.


Thus have we sung anew to Indra-Agni, as sang our sires, Angirases, and Mandhatar.
Guard us with triple shelter and preserve us: may we be masters of a store of riches.