Rig Veda

Mandal - 8 (Part - 8)

HYMN 24 Indra


COMPANIONS, let us learn a prayer to Indra. whom the thunder arms,
To glorify your bold and most heroic Friend.


For thou by slaying Vrtra art the Vrtra-slayer, famed for might.
Thou, Hero, in rich gifts surpassest wealthy chiefs.


As such, when glorified, bring us riches of very wondrous fame,
Set in the highest rank, Wealth-giver, Lord of Bays!


Yea, Indra, thou disclosest that preeminent dear wealth of men:
Boldly, O Bold One, glorified, bring it to us.


The workers of destruction stay neither thy right hand nor thy left:
Nor hosts that press about thee, Lord of Bays, in fight.


O Thunder-armed, I come with songs to thee as to a stall with kine:
Fulfil the wish and thought of him who sings thy praise.


Chief Vrtra-slayer, through the hymn of Visvamanas think of all,
All that concerneth us, Excellent, Mighty Guide.


May we, O Vrtra-slayer, O Hero, find this thy newest boon, Longed-for, and excellent, thou who art much invoked!


O Indra, Dancer, Much-invoked! as thy great power is unsurpassed,
So be thy bounty to the worshipper unchecked.


Most Mighty, most heroic One, for mighty bounty fill thee full.
Though strong, strengthen thyself to win wealth, Maghavan!


O Thunderer, never have our prayers gone forth to any God but thee:
So help us, Maghavan, with thine assistance now.


For, Dancer, verily I find none else for bounty, saving thee,
For splendid wealth and power, thou Lover of the Song.


For Indra pour ye out the drops meath blent with Soma let him drink
With bounty and with majesty will he further us.


I spake to the Bay Coursers' Lord, to him who gives ability:
Now hear the son of Asva as he praises thee.


Never was any Hero born before thee mightier than thou:
None certairdy like thee in goodness and in wealth.


O ministering priest, pour out of the sweet juice what gladdens most:
So is the Hero praised who ever prospers us.


Indra, whom Tawny Coursers bear, praise such as thine, preeminent,
None by his power or by his goodness hath attained.


We, seeking glory, have invoked this Master of all power and might
Who must be glorified by constant sacri fice.


Come, sing we praise to Indra, friends, the Hero who deserves the laud,
Him who with none to aid o'ercomes all tribes of men.


To him who wins the kine, who keeps no cattle back, Celestial God,
Speak wondrous speech more sweet than butter and than meath.


Whose hero powers are measureless, whose bounty ne'er may be surpassed,
Whose liberality, like light, is over all.


As Vyasva did, praise Indra, praise the Strong unfluctuating Guide,
Who gives the foe's possessions to the worshipper.


Now, son of Vyasva, praise thou him who to the tenth time still is new,
The very Wise, whom living men must glorify


Thou knowest, Indra, Thunder-armed, how to avoid destructive powers,
As one secure from pitfalls each returning day.


O Indra, bring that aid wherewith of old, Most Wondrous! thou didst slay
His foes for active Kutsa: send it down to us.


So now we seek thee fresh in might, Most Wonderful in act! for gain:
For thou art he who conquers all our foes for us.


Who will set free from ruinous woe, or Arya on the Seven Streams:
O valiant Hero, bend the Dasa's weapon down.


As to Varosusaman thou broughtest great riches, for their gain,
To Vyasva's sons, Blest Lady, rich in ample wealth!


Let Narya's sacrificial meed reach Vyasva's Soma-bearing sons:
In hundreds and in thousands be the great reward.


If one should ask thee, Where is he who sacrificed? Whither lookest thou?
Like Vala he hath passed away and dwelleth now on Gomati.