Rig Veda

Mandal - 8 (Part - 8)

HYMN 23 Agni


WORSHIP thou Jatavedas, pray to him who willingly accepts,
Whose smoke wanders at will, and none may grasp his flame.


Thou, all men's friend, Visvamanas, exaltest Agni with thy song,
The Giver, and his flames with which no cars contend.


Whose resolute assault, to win vigour and food, deserves our praise,-
Through whose discovering power the priest obtaineth wealth.


Up springs the imperishable flame, the flame of the Refulgent One
Most bright, with glowing jaws and glory in his train.


Skilled in fair sacrifice, extolled, arise in Godlike loveliness,
Shining with lofty splendour, with effulgent light.


Called straight to our oblations, come, O Agni, through our eulogies,
As thou hast been our envoy bearing up our gifts.


I call your Agni, from of old Invoking Priest of living men:
Him with this song I laud and magnify for you.


Whom, wondrous wise, they animate with solemn rites and his fair form,
Kind as a friend to men who keep the holy Law.


Him, true to Law, who perfecteth the sacrifice,. Law-loving ones!
Ye with your song have gratified in the place of prayer.


May all our sacrifices go to him the truest Angiras,
Who is among mankind the most illustrious Priest.


Imperishable Agni, thine are all these high enkindled lights,
Like horses and like stallions showing forth their strength.


So give us, Lord of Power and Might, riches combined with hero strength,
And guard us with our sons and grand. sons in our frays.


Soon as the eager Lord of men is friendly unto Manti's race,
Agni averteth from us all the demon host.


O Hero Agni, Lord of men, on hearing this new laud of mine,
Burn down the Raksasas, enchanters, with thy flame.


No mortal foe can e'er prevail by arts of magic over him
Who serveth Agni well with sacrificial gifts.


Vyasva the sage, who sought the Bull, hath won thee, finder of good things:
As such may we enkindle thee for ample wealth.


Usana Kavya stablished thee, O Agni, as Invoking Priest:
Thee, Jatavedas, Sacrificing Priest for man.


All Deities of one accord appointed thee their messenger:
Thou, God, through hearing, hadst first claim to sacrifice.


Him may the mortal hero make his own immortal messenger.
Far-spreading, Purifier, him whose path is black.


With lifted ladles let us call him splendid with his brilliant flame,
Men's ancient Agni, wasting not, adorable.


The man who pays the worship due to him with sacrificial gifts
Obtains both plenteous nourishment and hero fame.


To Jatavedas Agni, chief in sacrifices, first of all
With homage goes the ladle rich with sacred gifts.


Even as Vyatya did, may we with these most high and liberal hymns
Pay worship unto Agni of the splendid flame.


Now sing, as Sthurayupa sang, with lands to him who spreadeth far,
To Agni of the home, O Rsi, Vyasva's son.


As welcome guest of human kind, as offspring of the forest kings,
The sages worship ancient Agni for his aid.


For men's oblations brought to him who is the mighty Lord of all,
Sit, Agni, mid our homage, on the sacred grass.


Grant us abundant. treasures, grant the opulence which many crave,
With store of heroes, progeny, and high renown.


Agni, Most Youthful of the Gods, send evermore the gift of wealth
Unto Varosusaman and to all his folk.


A mighty Conqueror art thou, O Agni, so disclose to us
Food in our herds of kine and gain of ample wealth.


Thou, Agni, art a glorious God: bring hither Mitra, Varuna,
Imperial Sovrans, holy-minded, true to Law.