Rig Veda

Mandal - 8 (Part - 8)

HYMN 101 Asvins


ENDOWED, O Gods, with your primeval wisdom, come quickly with your chariot, O ye Holy.
Come with your mighty powers, O ye Nasatyas; come hither, drink ye this the third libation.


The truthful Deities, the Three-and-Thirty, saw you approach before the Ever-Truthful.
Accepting this our worship and libation, O Asvins bright with fire, drink ye the Soma.


Asvins, that work of yours deserves our wonder,-the Bull of heaven and earth and air's mid region;
Yea, and your thousand promises in battle, -to all of these come near and drink beside us.


Here is your portion laid for you, ye Holy: come to these songs of ours, O ye Nasatyas.
Drink among us the Soma full of sweetness, and with your powers assist the man who worships.