Governor of Punjab

Sri Shivraj Patil

Shivraj Patil

Sri Shivraj Patil, Governor of Punjab

Father's Name: Shri Vishwanath Patil
Date of Birth: 12th October, 1935
Place: Chakur, Distt. Latur, Maharashtra
Education Qualifications: B.Sc. , LL.M. Educated at Osmania University, Hyderabad; Bombay University, Bombay
Permanent Address: Deoghar Sadbhawana Nagar, Latur 413512 (Maharashtra)
Present Address: Punjab Raj Bhavan, Sector 6, Chandigarh.
Positions held:
  • 1967-1972 President Municipal Corporation , Latur
  • 1970-1972 Professor of Law, Aurangabad and Latur
  • 1972-1979 Member Maharashtra Legislative Assembly
  • 1974-1975 Chairman, Public Undertakings Committee, Maharashtra
  • 1975-1976 Deputy Minister Law and Judiciary, Irrigation and Protocol, Maharashtra
  • 5th July, 1977 to 13th March 1978 Deputy Speaker Maharashtra Legislative Assembly
  • 17th March 1978 to 6th December, 1979 Speaker, Maharashtra Legislative Assembly
  • 3rd January, 1980 Elected to Lok Sabha from Latur Parliamentary Constituency
  • 12th May 1980 to 7th Sept. 1980 Member, Joint Committee on Salaries and Allowances    of Members of Parliament
  • 8th September 1980 to 18th October, 1980 Chairman, Joint Committee on salaries and    Allowances of Members of Parliament
  • 19th October 1980 to 14th January 1982 Union Minister of State for Defence
  • 15th January 1982 to 29th January, 1983 Minister of State for Commerce (Independent    Charge)
  • 29th January, 1983 to December 1984 Minister of State for Science & Dec. 1984    Technology, Atomic Energy, Electronics, Space & Ocean Development
  • 21st October 1983 to 31st December 1984 Vice President, C.S.I.R.
  • 24th Decmeber, 1984 Elected to Lok Sabha for the second time
  • 31st December 1984 to 21st October 1986 Minister of State for Science & Technology,    Atomic Energy, Electronics, Space and Ocean Development, Bio-Technology & Vice    President, C.S.I.R.
  • 22nd October 1986 to 24th June, 1988 Minister of State for Defence Production &    Supplies
  • 1998 Honoured-Doctorate by Marathwada Agricultural University
  • 25th June 1988 to 2nd December 1989 Minister of State for Civil Aviation & Tourism    (independent Charge)
  • 24th November, 1989 Elected to Lok Sabha for the third time
  • 19th March, 1990 to 13th March, 1991 Deputy Speaker of 9th Lok Sabha till dissolution
  • 16th June, 1991 Elected to Lok Sabha for the fourth time
  • 10th July, 1991 Unanimously elected Speaker of 10th Lok Sabha
  • 1992 President, National Press, India.
  • 1996 Elected Lok Sabha for the fifth time
  • 1997 Awarded Anuvarta Award by Tulsi Foundation
  • 1998 Elected Lok Sabha for the sixth time.
  • 1991 Elected Lok Sabha for the seventh time.
  • 2001 Finance Committee Chairman, Lok Sabha
  • 2002 AICC Working Committee Member
  • 2002 Deputy Leader, Congress Party, Lok Sabha
  • 2003 Chancellor, Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune
  • 25th May, 2004 Home Minister, Union Government
  • 21st June, 2004 Elected for Rajysabha
Favourite Pastime: Reading & Recreation
Sports: Swimming, Shooting and Horse-riding
Countries visited: Bahamas, Canada, China, Cuba, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iran, Italy, Jamaca, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, North Korea, Panama, Poland, Soviet Union, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand USA, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Australia, Egypt, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Netherland, Ireland, Mangolia, Nepal, Shrilanka, Bangaldesh, Pakistan.
  • 42 Second Amendment of Indian Constitution
  • Reminiscence and Reflections - 1995
  • Emergency Vision of India - 1996
  • Ecstacy and Agony of the Presiding officer-1998
  • Fragrance of the Innerself (Poetry)-1996


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