Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Geography of Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Guna the gateway of Malwa & Chambal is located on the northern -eastern part of Malwa Platue between river Parbati and Betwa. Mathematically the District is situated between the radiometers 23'53" N and 25'6'55 N and langumate 76.48' 30"E and 78', 16'70"E. The western boundary of the District is well defined by the river. In the beginning of 18th century Chanderi was the part of Malwa and remaining portion of Guna formed the part of Raghogarh State. Later on Raghogarh was split into three state of which Garah and Dharnawada State among the three clamaints of Raghogarh family. After the great revolt of 1857, Guna district thus passed under the control of Gwalior State with Raghogarh as its mandatory chief. An assistant to the resident of Gwalior was posted at Guna which remained. an English cantonment after the year 1860. Although Guna was dejure a part of Gwalior State, but because of its British cantonment, it was considered expedient to locate the district headquarter there.

Bajrangarh, about 6 miles from Guna enjoyed that privilege. In 1897 the midland railway constructed the rail route passing through Guna.After independence on 28th May 1948, Guna became the part of Madhya Bharat as one of its 16 Districts subsequently as a result of State on the formation of new Madhya Pradesh in 1956 Guna district became a part of it .

map of guna

The Parbati is the main river flowing along the western boundary touching Rajgarh District of M.P. and Jhalawarh and Kota District of Rajasthan. Shivpuri & Kota are located in north where as Vidisha, Bhopal, and Rajgarh lies to the South. The total area of District is 6484.63 Sq.Kms. with a population of 838926.

Spreaded in all 05 Tehsils i.e. Guna, Aron, Chanchoda, Raghavgarh and Kumbhraj. Main forest products of the district are Tedupatta, Mahua, Sagwan, Kher, Seetaphal, Gond, Ghans (Grass), Baheda, Shatavar, Safed Musli etc.

By Flight

Instead of Guna you can a get flight to Bhopal Airport on regular basis.

Guna158 km away from Bhopal Airport (BHO)

Guna191 km away from Gwalior Airport (GWL)

By Train :

There are regular trains from other major cities of the country to Guna.

Railway Stations: Guna Junction (GUNA), Miyana (MINA)

By Bus :
Guna is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses.

Bus Stations: Guna

Culture of Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Cuisine of Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Places of interest in Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Situated near the banks of River Pārbati, Guna is district comprising of five towns of Aron, Chanchoda, Bamori, Raghogarh and Guna. The city of Guna has also seen its share of empires and changing reigns like the rest of Madhya Pradesh. Guna is surrounded by Sindh River on one side and Pārbati on the other. The beauty and the history of this place attract a fair number of tourists every year making it yet another tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh.

Few places of interest in Guna are:

Bajrangarh Fort :
Popularly known as Jharkon by the locals, this fort lies in ruins in present day and is said to be constructed around the 17th century. The fort includes a Moti Mahal, Gunnery and Rang Mahal.

Jain temple :
Said to have been built around 12th century, this temple houses few statues of Jain Tirthankaras and is believed to have been constructed by Jain Saint Pada Shah. This is a main attraction of Bajrangarh.

Bishbhuji temple :
home to the idol of Goddess Durga with twenty hands, this is a famous place of worship for the local inhabitants.
Though small with limited attractions, Guna still serves as a quiet tourist destination of Madhya Pradesh and is a must visit atleast once while touring the state!

Events in Guna, Madhya Pradesh