Dr. Bhograju Pattabhi Sitaramaiya

Dr. Bhograju Pattabhi Sitaramaiya

Dr. Bhograju Pattabhi Sitaramaiya

First Governors of Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Bhograju Pattabhi Sitaramaiya Profile -

Date of Birth - 24 Nov 1888
Date of Death - 17 Dec 1959 at Hyderabad
Education :

BA, MCM, Qualified Doctor, Started medical practice in 1906

Languages Known : Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu
Political Career Scholar and Congress leader
AICC member from 1916 to 1952
Started publishing an english weekly "Janmbhoomi" from 1919
Participated in the freedom struggle
Jailed on a number of occasions
Elected president of All-India Native States People's Council in 1936
Member of Constituent Assembly from 1946 to 1949
Member of interim Parliament as well
Elected Congress president at Jaipur's national conclave in 1948-50
Books Author of 1st history account of CongressAuthored a number of books :
National Education - 1912
Indian Nationalism - 1933
Re-distribution of Indian provinces on language basis - 1916
The Indian National Congress (Jubilee Commemoration Volume) - 1935
Economic conquest of India
Constitutions of the world
Gandhi, Gandhism, and Socialism
Hindu home rediscovered - 1936-37
Why vote Congress ?
Sixty years of Congress
Fundamentals of Indian political problems
Feather and stones
History of Congress Vol. II
Life style He was always Invited questions after his speeches were over
Always had lunch alone at 10:30 and dinner all alone at 7:30
He never changed his food time, even if the Prime Minister and President were there
Fond of touring, covered the whole of newly-formed Madhya Pradesh in just 2-3 months
Austerity very high, used old paper and envelopes for writing his comments
His own son was the PA, who took a token salary of Re. 1.00 p.m.
He once expressed his personal displeasure over his role
He was an able administrator



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