Archaeological Museum in Madhya Pradesh


Archaeological Museum, Gwalior -

The Archaeological Museum, Gwalior is situated ahead of the Hathi pole gate in the magnificent Gwalior fort. The Archaeological Museum, Gwalior was established in the year 1984. There is a large rectangular hall inside the Archaeological Museum, Gwalior. A chamber is linked to the large rectangular hall. Further the two verandas of the Archaeological Museum in Gwalior houses different types of amazing antiques. The origin of the rare and valuable antiquities found in the Archaeological Museum of Gwalior dates back to the 1st century AD. Some of the relics collected in the museum were destroyed by the invaders and Mughals but their form still survives. 

Some of the worth seeing exhibits of the Archaeological Museum at Gwalior are as follows:

  • Sculptures from Suhania
  • Statue of Shalbhanjika from Gyraspur
  • Sculptures from Mitawali
  • Statue of the tree goddess and more.
In brief, the statues displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Gwalior are an epitome of perfection. The museum's curator take a good care of the statues and are shown on special request. The other valuable exhibits of the Archaeological Museum in Gwalior are the antiques retrieved from the various archaeological sites near Gwalior. The Gwalior Archaeological Museum's sculptural wealth exhibits the gradual development of art from 1st century BC to 17th century AD in the Indian continent.

Archaeological Museum, Sanchi

The original Archaeological Museum, Sanchi was established on the hilltop of Sanchi by Sir John Marshall, former Director General of ASI in the year 1919. Much later with the additional relics culled from the excavated site of Sanchi, the Archaeological Survey of India moved the valuable evidences to a new building which is the new Archaeological Museum, Sanchi in the year 1966. Archaeological Museum, Sanchi has the main hall with four large galleries. Majority of the artifices exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Sanchi are from Sanchi and very few relics belong to the neighborhood sites of Gulgaon, Gyaraspur,Vidisha and Murelkhurd. The main entrance to the Archaeological Museum at Sanchi leads to the main hall where the objects are aesthetically displayed. The four galleries of the museum namely Gallery No.1 - 4 with the main hall displays antiques and artifices that belong to the 3rd century BC till the medieval period. All these artifacts of the the Archaeological Museum of Sanchi are culled from the ruins of Sanchi as well as from the neighboring areas. You will be amazed to see the famous Ashokan lion Capital and the four lions seated back to back. The lion capital of Ashokan pillar of the Mauryan Period is the center of attraction to the visitors of the Archaeological Museum in Sanchi. Apart from Ashokan pillar, you will get to see the colossal image of Nagaraja of Sunga period, Dhyani Buddha of Mathura of the 4th century AD, Yakshi belonging to the 1st century BC, Bodhisattva Padmapani of the 5th century AD and the art of Hinayana that depicts Buddha's enlightenment under a Pipal tree which are worth seeing in the Archaeological Museum of Sanchi. Home Page Madhya Pradesh State Home Page Hindi Literature Home Page