Dr. Rajendra Prasad (1884 - 1963)

The First President of India

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Major Events of Dr. Rajendra Prasad

3-12-1884 Birth, Jiradei, Saran, Sivan, Bihar
June 1896 Married (Dalan Chhapra in Baliya Distt)
March 1902 Passed Metric with First Division
March 1904 Passed F.A. from Kolkata University
March 1905 Graduated with First Division from Kolkata Unversity
December 1907 M.A. in Economy with First Division from Kolkata University
July 1908 Worked as Teacher at Bhumihar Brahman College, Mujaffar Nagar
January 1909 Worked as Principal at Bhumihar Brahman College, Mujaffar Nagar
March 1909 Went to Kolkata for Study of Law
July 1909 Worked as Professor of Economy in Kolkata City
1910 Graduated in Law (B.L.)
1911 Started Practice in Kolkata High Court
1912 Became Secretary of Welcome Committee for Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Kolkata Adhiveshan
1913 Became President of Bihar Chhatra Sammelan (Munger)
1914-15 Joined as Professor Kolkata College
1915 Passed M. L. with First Division
March 1916 Started Practice of Law in Patna High Court
1917-18 Visited Champaran with Mahatma Gandhi
1918 Published the famous English News paper "Searchlight"
1920 Published Hindi Saptahik "Desh"
1921  Established Bihar Vidyapeeth with Mahatma Gandhi and Maulana Majharul Haq
1922 Became President of Welcome Committee of Gaya Congress Adhiveshan
1923 Helped the Ganga flood affected people 
1924 Became President of Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Sammelan, Kokinada Adhiveshan
1926 Became Sabhapati of Bihar Prantiye Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Darbhanga
1923-27 Worked as Vice-chancellor or Bihar Vidyapeeth
1927 Visited Sri Lanka
1927 Became President of Sanyukt Prantiye Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Kangri Adhiveshan
1928 Visited England & other European Countries. Attended meetings against War and gave message of peace.
6th July 1930 Arrested in Satyagrah Aandolan
4th January 1932 Arrested again in Sadakat Aashram
7th January 1932 Arrested as Dictator of Congress
17th January 1934 Released from Jail and helped Bihar Earth quake affected people
13th October 1934 Became President of Akhil Bhartiya Adhiveshan of Congress in Mumbai. 
1935 Became President of Qveta Earth Quake Society
1936 Became President of Akhil Bhartiya Hindi Sahitya Sammelan of Nagpur Adhiveshan
14th December 1937 Received Degree of Doctor of Law from Allahabad University
May 1938 Became President of Ramgarh Congress Welcome Committee
1939 Became President of Contress after resignation submitted by Subhash Chandra Bose
9th August 1942 Arrested under Bharat Security Rules and stayed as Najarband in Patna Jail till 15th June 1945
25th June to 14th July 1945 Attended Shimla Congress
2nd December 1946 Became Minister of Food & Agriculture
11th December 1946 Became President of Bhartiya Savindhan Sabha
17th November 1947 Became Congress President after resignation submitted by Aacharya Kriplani
1948 Became President of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi
26th January 1950 to 12th May 1952 Acting President of Republic of India
28th February 1950 Received Degree Vidyavachspati from Vidvat Parishad of Kashi University
10th April 1951 Received Degree Doctor of Law from Mysore University
30th November 1951 Received Degree of Doctor of Civil Law from Delhi University
13th May 1952 to 12th May 1957 Became First President of Republic of India
3rd January 1954 Received Degree of Doctor of Literature from Patna University
October 1956 Visited Nepal
3rd May 1957 Was re-elected as President of India
25th September 1958 Visited Japan
6th December 1958 Visited Malaya
8th December 1958 Visited Indonesia
15th March 1959 Visited Hind-China, Combodia, South Vietnam, North Vietnam and Laos June 1959 Visited Sri Lanka
17th June 1959 Inaugurated Vidyalankar University, Colombo, Sri Lanka
25th January 1960 Elder Sister Smt. Bhagwati Devi Died
20th June 1960 Visited Russia
October 1960 Visited Badrinath
24th October 1960 Presented Abhinandan Granth to Rajrshi Purshotam Das Tandon in Prayag
19th July 1961 Took 5 month rest due to illness
20th December 1961 Resumed Duty
8th May 1962 Last Vidai Speech in Parliament
10th May 1962 Public of Delhi gave Vidai at Ram Lila Ground
13th May 1962 Retired from the post of President of India
14th May 1962 Reached and stayed at Bihar Vidyapeeth, Sadakat Ashram, Patna
June 1962 Delivered Inaugural speech at the conference of International Nuclear War (against)
9th September 1962 Wife Rajvanshi Devi Died
October 1962 Donated Jewellary of his wife for the National secutiry Fund against China War
28th February 1963 Mahaprayan from Rajendra Smriti Sanghrahayala, Bihar Vidyapeeth, Sadakat Ashram, Patna, Bihar