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Chief Minister of Bihar - Shri Nitish Kumar

Shri Nitish Kumar- Chief Minister of Bihar

Father's Name : Late Shri Kaviraj Ram Lakhan Singh

Mother's Name : Smt. Parmeshwari Devi

Date of Birth : 1st March, 1951.

Place of Birth : Bakhtiarpur, District - Patna, State - Bihar.

Marital Status : Married.

Date of Marriage : 22nd February, 1973.

Spouse's Name : Late Smt. Manju Kumari Sinha.

No. of Children : One.

Educational Qualifications : B.Sc. (Engineering) 

Educated at Bihar College of Engineering, Patna, Bihar.

Profession : Political & Social Worker, Agriculturist, Engineer.

Permanent Address  : Village - Hakikatpur, PO - Bakhtiarpur, District - Patna, Bihar.

Present Address : Patna, Bihar.


Positions Held    

1985-89 : Member, Bihar Legislative Assembly.

1986-87 : Member, Committee on Petitions, Bihar Legislative Assembly.

1987-88 : President, Yuva Lok Dal, Bihar.

1987-89 : Member, Committee on Public Undertakings, Bihar Legislative Assembly.

 1989 : Secretary-General, Janata Dal, Bihar.

1989 : Elected to 9th Lok Sabha.

1989-16/7/1990 : Member, House Committee (Resigned).

4/1990-11/1990 : Union Minister of State, Agriculture and Co-operation.

1991 : Re-elected to 10th Lok Sabha (2nd term).

1991-93 : General-Secretary, Janata Dal.

Deputy Leader of Janata Dal in Parliament.

17/12/91-10/5/96 : Member, Railway Convention Committee.

8/4/93-10/5/96 : Chairman, Committee on Agriculture.

1996 : Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (3rd term).

Member, Committee on Estimates.

Member, General Purposes Committee.

Member, Joint Committee on the Constitution (Eighty-first Amendment Bill, 1996).

1996-98 : Member, Committee on Defence.

1998 : Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (4th term).

19/3/98-5/8/99 : Union Cabinet Minister, Railways.

14/4/98-5/8/99 : Union Cabinet Minister, Surface Transport (additional charge).

1999 : Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (5th term).

13/10/99-22/11/99 : Union Cabinet Minister, Surface Transport.

22/11/99-3/3/2000 : Union Cabinet Minister, Agriculture.

3/3/00-10/3/2000 : Chief Minister, Bihar.

27/5/00-20/3/01 : Union Cabinet Minister, Agriculture.

20/3/01-21/7/01 : Union Cabinet Minister, Agriculture with additional charge of Railways.

22/7/01-21/5/04 : Union Cabinet Minister, Railways.

2004 : Re-elected to 14th Lok Sabha (6th term).

Member, Committee on Coal & Steel.

Member, General Purposes Committee.

Member, Committee of Privileges.

Leader Janata Dal (U) Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha.

From 24/11/2005 to 20/5/14   Chief Minister, Bihar.

From 23/02/2015 to till date   Chief Minister, Bihar.

Countries Visited

Widely traveled in various capacities:

 Singapore, Thailand.

 Havana (Cuba) and Moscow (Russia) - as a member of Indian Delegation to the World Youth Festival in 1978.

 Australia and France - as a Member of Indian Parliamentary Delegation to the IPU Conference.

 France, Switzerland and UK - as the Railway Minister.

 Japan - as the Agriculture Minister to attend Regional Conference of FAO in Yokohama.


Other Information

Activist of J.P. Movement (1974-77); was detained in 1974 under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act (M.I.S.A.) and also during Emergency in 1975; Founder-member, Samata Party Movement.

Shri Nitish Kumar- Chief Minister of Bihar

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