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Co-operative Department, Bihar Government

Co-operative Department of Bihar

सहकारिता विभाग, बिहार सरकार

सहकारिता विभाग, बिहार सरकार का परिचय

(Introduction of Co-operative Department)

Co-operative Society means an organization registered under the Bihar Cooperative Societies Act, 1935 or the Bihar Self Supporting Co-operative Societies Act 1996.

Co-operative Principles

 1. Open and voluntary membership

  2. Democratic Administration

  3. Disposal of Surplus in relation to patronage and common good.

  4. Cooperative Education

 5.  Cooperative among cooperatives

Role of Cooperative Department

1.   Co-operative Societies (including Co-operative Bank), Co-operative Marketing Societies and Union’s Cooperative Processing Societies and Industrial Co-operatives.

2.   Control of Warehousing Corporation, Land Development Bank and Cooperative Marketing Union.

3.   Control of all officers serving in the Cooperative Department.

4.   Administrative charge of all buildings occupied by Cooperative Department.


National Record 2012

Most comprehensive state website

Bihar became the first state in India to have separate web page for every city and village in the state on its website www.brandbihar.com (Now www.brandbharat.com)

See the record in Limca Book of Records 2012 on Page No. 217