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Alirajpur District, Madhya Pradesh

Geography of Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh

Alirajpur (Hindi: अलीराजपुर जिला) is one of the 50 districts of Madhya Pradesh state in India. It was created from Alirajpur, Jobat and Bhabra tehsils of the former Jhabua district on 17 May 2008. Alirajpur is the administrative headquarters of the district. The district occupies an area of 2,165.24 square kilometres (836.00 sq mi), and at the 2011 census had a population of 728,677.


Culture of Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh

Tribal culture and folk arts of Alirajpur district:- The tribal means ,Early tribal people who live here are called the tribal. From the existence of human life on the earth to till today who are chronically living, they are tribal. Now as far as their culture is concerned It is pervasive and wide because the culture word include special rites of a community ,their habits, customs, rituals, festivals, way of life, diet, dressing , lifestyle etc.

In this district, tribal community are mainly divided into three parts - 1. Bhil, 2. Bheelala, 3. Patliya

People of Bheelala and Patliya community are  more developed , literate  and resourceful  whereas People of the Bhil community has still undeveloped . There are several reasons, But tribal have different identity.

Common tribal are more laborious, arrogant, naive and innocent. Farming and wages to support herself .Generally they are not gaudy, they are out so are in .They believe and stay  in joint family ,where  20 to 25 persons in a house live easily.

Life of tribal are very simple and easy ,their needs are very limited. Their house are in "Phaliya" (Small Village),which is very important unit of a village .Such type of "Phaliya" constitute a village, these "Phaliya"may be in the area of 5 km  and have around 25 to 50 houses in a "Phaliya" . Usually 10 "Phaliya" are in a village but some where it is extended up to 20 "Phaliya".

Generally, the home of tribal are of bamboo and mud ,but now a days Due to modernity  and government schemes they are building Concrete houses and "havelis" in the villages.

"Bhagoriya", "Ind", "Choudas", "Galbabji", "Gata Stapna Divas", "Nawai" festival at harvesting ,"Babadev Puja" and "Patla Pujan" are main festivals of the tribal. They also celebrate major Hindu festival  "Holi", "Diwali", and "Rakhi" with joy. Play "Holi" , explode crackers at "Dewali" .

In tribal culture marriage of  male and female are fixed by mutual consent by "Panchayat" .where in it is compulsory to pay by the groom's side to the bride's family, it is a custom that is also called "Dapa" .In this deal around 1000 to 50000 cash, Silver jewellery, Goats and Grain are included after it marriage performed.

In any event personal and family to Kill a Goat is compulsory, as well as dance and sing all night and also drink wine. They are a good host and  mutually cooperative in Happiness and  sorrow. On death Funeral program people come from  far - flung villages and console to   bereavement  family

Tribal people are artist by birth . They are able to make themselves their living house , cot, bed ,Kothi etc. Nevertheless in the tribal there are some special art , Which are known as Folk arts, Some special arts are   "Pithora" Art, Bamboo art, woollen Knitting art ,Wooden art,made them objects of art, wood art, soil art etc. Out of this  "Pithora" art are important, In this art the tribal people draw painting over the house wall In this painting  they draw the picture of wild animals and Goddess - Gods. The motive behind the paintings is that god protect us and grant us prosperity. In Bamboo Art work make  flute, Basket, Broom ,hamper,  purse, etc.

"Bhagoriya" Festival :- This is the festival of joy and fun for  tribal . Well, it has many reasons to celebrate Nevertheless the season and economic aspect is important.

 To celebrate Bhagoriya festival people come back to their home and village from any corner of the country.

"Bhagoriya" festival start before one week of Holi and end to Holi every year.The Bhagoriya festival of Balpur, Sondwa,Chhaltala and Nanpur are very famous and sightly.

In Bakhatgarh village attach with Gujrat Border, The "Gair"  in Bhagoriya festival is very special.

 Bhagoriya is a special cultural public festival of Alirajpur district . Tourist come from Delhi ,Bhopal ,Indore and  public representative, officers, reporters   and foreigners in heavy crowd  participate in this festival. However till now it not considered as a tourist place.

But the district's efforts to bring this feature to canvas is required. In Bhagoriya festival tribal youth ,children ,females are all together. On their traditional drums and "Nagada"  called "Mandal" each group seems to be dancing with fun.  Specially females dressed with the new clothes and make-up . A characteristic is that in "Bhagoriya"  fair females of villages dress same garment . And dance  sing terrifically on drum. It is to maintain  a specific identity.

 Each tribal definitely bear colourful dress on this occasion. In this festival people dance and eat Chilli and Onion "Pakode" and have Ice-cream and cold drinks . One thing is also famous in "Bhagoriya" festival that In this festival male select their life partner by colouring face of  life partner and propose to her and after acceptance of female marriage process start.

"Bhagoria" fair Is not only important for the tribal youth bus also for regional business and financial aspect.

Cuisine of Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh

Places of interest in Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh -

In Alirajpur district natural architecture, there is picturesque atmosphere, dense forest , bright red color of Pallas's Flowers, Sweet Smell of "Mahuaa" Tree flowers and waterfalls It will fascinate the mind . To judge in deep the tribal life style is like a tourist place and there is much more for tourist. At one end , forest of Katthiwada (known as mini Kashmir) and at the other end greenery over the mountain at Mathvad area in sondwa block As well as the view of Narmada river with heavy flow of water and boating .Besides of these there are an ancient temple of Goddess "Malwai" Mata, Jain Holy place "Lakshamani" and many places of historical importance

How to Arrive:-Alirajpur is placed at Khandwa - Baroda State highway number 26 . The Distance of Alirajpur 150km from Vadodra, 48 kilometers from Kukshi (Dhar) and 85 KM form Jhabua . Road is very good to reach here from every side. It is Located 250 kms away from Indore and also with several direct buses available from there. Nearest Railway Stations are Dahod,Megh Nagar and Chhota Udaipur.

Time of Visit Visit in any month of the year but specially for Katthiwada waterfall visit in rainy season From July to November month and to enjoy Bhgoriya festival visit 1 week before Holi .

Mathwad Area:- - In south of the district,Mathwad area surround by the Vindhya mountain range and placed at very height In Mathwad region the wild animals are in dense and famous temple of Kajalrani is also here.To arrive Mathwad there is around 10KM distance hill section. In the forest of "Mathwad", Bear, rabbit, Lion , Panther, Tiger etc can be seen. Clothing and language is similar to Gujrati culture due to attachment of Gujrat border.
Katthiwada Water Fall:-

Events in Alirajpur, Madhya Pradesh

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