Colleges in Patna

List of Colleges in Patna

Patna University, Patna

Constituent colleges

  1. Patna College
  2. Science College
  3. Patna Women's College
  4. Vanijya Mahavidyala
  5. B.N.College
  6. Magadh Mahila College
  7. Patna Law College
  8. P.M.C.H.
  9. Bihar College Of Engineering
  10. Women's Training College
  11. College of Arts  & Crafts
Magadh University, Bodh Gaya.

Constituent colleges

  1. A.N. College, Patna
  2. Arvind Mahila College, Patna
  3. B.D Evening College, Patna
  4. College of Commerce, Patna
  5. Ganga Devi Mahila College, Patna
  6. J. D Womens College , Patna
  7. R.K.D College , Patna
  8. R P M College , Patna city
  9. S G G S College , Patna city
  10. J. N.L College , Khagaul, Patna
  11. Mahila College , Khagaul, Patna
  12. B. S College, Danapur, Patna

Affiliated Colleges of Magadh University Bodh Gaya

  1. Bihar Institute of Law, Patna
  2. R.P.S. College, Patna
  3. R.P.S. Mahila College, Patna
  4. Sidharth Mahila College, Patna
  5. Oriental College, Patna city
  6. C.M. Mahila College, Patna
  7. Damyanti Devi Mahila College, Patna
  8. Firoz Gandhi College, Karbighia, Patna
  9. Govt. Girls College, Gardanibagh, Patna
  10. Govt. Girls College, Gulzarbagh, Patna
  11. K.I. Mahila College, Patna
  12. L.P. Sahi College, Patna
  13. Muslim Sc. College, Patna
  14. R.L.S.Y. College, Anisabad, Patna
  15. S.G.D.M. College, Patna
  16. S.G. Mahila College, Patna
  17. Ramesh Jha Mahila College, Patna
  18. K.B. Mahila College, Patna
  19. Rashmi Devi Smarak Mahila College, Patna
  20. R.P.Sharma Institute of Technology, Patna
  21. Danapur Degree Mahila College, Danapur


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